​In class action settlements, most companies that may be eligible to file a claim will not take action. As a result, the refunds go to companies that do take action, file claims and follow up with the claims administrators to answer questions or provide information.

This means that companies that deserve refunds may often lose out to companies with the resources or expertise to file claims. Settlements are supposed to compensate businesses affected by unfair practices, not give refunds to a select group of companies. If you’re a company that does not have the time or expertise to file a claim, SRG is here to help. If you’re eligible, and work with us, we produce results for you! Please note, SRG does not engage in lawsuits—we file and monitor claims after a settlement has been reached.​

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    We have a distribution services team that distributes more than 60 million payments annually totaling more than a half trillion dollars.

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    Our resources, technology, and expertise allow us to file claims on behalf of our clients and follow up with the claims administrator until our clients get paid.

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    We help companies recover money from complex class action cases.

SRG empowers you!
  • No up-front costs. We work on contingency and only get paid if you do.

  • Your claim is confidential and tracked using a unique number under our agency.

  • We handle paperwork and follow-up for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. We have the expertise to work with claims administrators to anticipate issues and resolve them quickly.

  • SRG audits the ultimate recovery against the claim amounts to ensure all money due is recovered.

  • We provide our clients with periodic status updates throughout the entire claims process.

  • SRG builds relationships. Our proprietary database contains information on all active cases and pending settlements so that we can advise clients of antitrust class action settlements in which they may be eligible to participate. It’s possible that a client can receive multiple settlement refunds over several years.



Settlement Recovery Group, LLC (“SRG”) is not the official claims administrator, class counsel or any party in the case. SRG is a third party claims filing service that can be hired to file and track claims. We specialize in helping companies and small businesses file claims to obtain their fair share of settlement money from class action lawsuits once a settlement has been reached. Our services are voluntary and are not required to file a claim; claimants may file a no-cost claim on their own. This summary is for informational purposes only and is based on SRG’s review of publicly available case documents. Official information can be found on the case website and on the court docket. This summary is not and should not be construed as legal, tax, or other professional advice.​