On behalf of Washington governmental entities and as parens patriae on behalf of Washington consumers, the Washington State Attorney General brought an antitrust lawsuit involving the price of thin film transistor liquid crystal display flat panels (“LCD Flat Panels”). The complaint alleged that the Defendants participated in an unlawful conspiracy to fix, raise, maintain, or stabilize prices of LCD Flat Panels, resulting in damages to consumers who bought finished products containing an LCD Flat Panel. The case is called State of Washington v. AU Optronics Corporation, et al., No. 10-2-29164-4 SEA.

Class Description
The Washington State Attorney General reached a settlement on behalf of Washington consumers. You are eligible to participate in the settlement if you or your business purchased an LCD Flat Panel product between January 1, 1998 and December 1, 2006; and resided or had headquarters in Washington at the time of purchase; and purchased the LCD Flat Panel product from a retailer, distributor, third party vendor or someone other than the manufacturer of the component screen; and purchased the LCD Flat Panel product for your own use and not for resale.

​​Defendants ​
​Chimei will pay​$8,750,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Chunghwa will pay​$428,235 into the Settlement Fund
​Epson will pay​$2,700,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Hitachi will pay​$5,200,000 into the Settlement Fund
​LG will pay​$13,000,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Samsung will pay​$12,940,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Sharp will pay​$6,750,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Toshiba will pay​$950,000 into the Settlement Fund
​AU Optronics will pay​$12,500,000 into the Settlement Fund
​Total Settlements

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